Our Associates

We are a sum total of collective wisdom we have gained over the years of associating with some of the most renowned organisations in the sustainability and conservation space.


The Grassland Trust | Knowledge Partner

A team of conservation experts operating as a registered charitable trust on a mission to conserve wildlife found in grassland and shrubland habitats.

Designing Consultants | Communication Partner

A globally acclaimed design consultancy driven by the goal to create best-in-class experiences through the power of design.

PixelDo | Interactive Media

Known to be masters of drone photography, the team specialises in the use of the latest digital technology to create immersive 360-degree panoramic pictures and footage. We believe in the power of collaboration and have some of the most revered talents that help us take our projects to great heights.



A jeweller by profession. His passion for hiking led to discovery of hidden wildlife that exists in the unprotected areas of the Deccan plateau. For the last decade Mihir and his team under the grasslands trust have been working for conservation of this habitat along with its inhabitants like Wolves and Hyenas that live within, via community conservation that benefits both Wildlife and humans.


Let’s Work Together – Collaborate

Interested in presenting your views towards sustainability and conversation in a better light? We are always up for thoughtful collaborations.